Optimizing outcomes by informing action

Designed to have a meaningful impact in optimizing outcomes for radiation therapy patients, radiation oncology practices, and our community. 

Oncospace enables clinicians to:
Oncospace Launches New AI-Powered Predictive Planning Solution for Radiation Oncology Treatment Planning
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Our Challenge

Radiation Oncology practices are adapting to: 

  • Capitative reimbursement that is driving more efficient treatment delivery 
  • Empowered patients critically evaluating their treatment options
  • Healthcare consolidation increasing operational complexity 
  • Staff expertise evolving to meet changing technologies


As these trends impact the quality and consistency of care, what is needed?

Our Goal:
Optimizing Outcomes

Every day, the talent and commitment necessary to optimize these outcomes is demonstrated.

Along with that dedication, many foundational technologies used in radiation oncology to address these changes (e.g., dose calculation, delivery optimization, and information systems) continue to play a vital role.  

Yet, an opportunity exists to better harness these technologies and the information they create.

Questions Remain

With all this technology, talent, and know-how, questions still remain:

  • What impact will my decisions have on this patient’s outcome?
  • How do I know errors are being found and corrected?
  • How do I know this is what the physician wants?
  • How do I mitigate risks in the practice?
  • How do I effectively protect the hospital network and patient data while ensuring user performance?


Predictive Planning turns these questions into confidence 

“Oncospace provides confidence that each plan is being driven towards a good result for the patient.

This will mean we spend less time adjusting the planning goals and waiting to see the effect on the dose distribution.”

Timothy Showalter, MD, MPH; Radiation Oncologist; University of Virginia