Welcome To Oncospace

Our Mission

Optimizing outcomes for the patient, practice, and community is the next great challenge in radiation oncology.

It’s this opportunity that motivates Oncospace.

Our mission is to optimize outcomes through the active collection of shared expertise, responsible application of technologies, and fostering of collaborative relationships.

Our History

Grounded in clinical excellence
Todd McNutt, Ph.D. and the team at Johns Hopkins University began the Oncospace initiative in 2007 with the idea of putting "big data and analytics at the core of the goal to personalize medical treatment”
Oncospace, Inc.
Oncospace, Inc. was founded in 2018 with intellectual property and technologies licensed from Johns Hopkins and launched their first Predictive Planning solution supporting prostate therapy in 2021.
Clinical and Technical Achievements
Review our technology's rich history and team's many accomplishments

Our Team

We are a Baltimore based team of medical physicists, data scientists, information security network engineers, and radiation oncology innovators.

Michael Bowers

Director of Product Development

Saida Muktar

Data Scientist

Peter Hoban

Vice President of Product Strategy

Todd McNutt

Chief Scientist

Julie Shade

Lead Data Scientist

Tyler Smith

Lead Front-End Engineer

Siddharth Kapoor

Software Engineer

David Murray

Chief Technology Officer

Praveen Sinha

Chief Executive Officer

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