Oncospace Announces Launch of Patient Data Conversion for Philips Pinnacle™

BALTIMORE, JUNE 6, 2023—Oncospace, Inc. today announced the following:

Launch of Patient Data Conversion Service for Philips Pinnacle™

For radiation oncology practices, managing the patient data used in the creation of and delivery of treatment plans is high priority.  This entails keeping a variety of vendor software and hardware systems up to date, allowing for easy and effective access to the patient data, and looking ahead to capitalize on opportunities with advancing technologies.

Oncospace plays a key role in helping customers with this effort by delivering a cloud native, AI-powered, radiation oncology data analytics platform.  One that optimizes outcomes for the patient and practice by allowing clinicians to confidently predict* an achievable plan, consistently promote best practice behavior, and seamlessly share peer-to-peer expertise.

A first step on this journey is the modernization of legacy radiation therapy patient data archives.  To support this, Oncospace is launching our Patient Data Conversion service for patient data from the Philips Pinnacle™ treatment planning system.  This service entails converting an entire proprietary Pinnacle patient data archive to DICOM RT and CT file formats and storing them in network attached storage or vendor neutral archives as appropriate.

Using this service offering, customers will be able to

  • Mitigate information and network security risk by eliminate unsupported Pinnacle hardware and software
  • Ensure consistent standard of practice and quality of care for future re-treatments by enabling easy access to legacy Pinnacle patient data in DICOM formats
  • Provide greater value to the practice by centralizing data sources and creating a resource for future use in analytics or AI/ML model building


Learn more at: www.oncospace.com/why/pdc



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