FDA Clearance for Head and Neck Received

Happy Monday, friends of Oncospace!  Another milestone on the Oncospace journey has been reached!

Our cloud-based Predictive Planning application has just received FDA 510(k) clearance for guidance of head & neck radiotherapy treatment planning!

Predictive Planning’s role is to improve the efficiency of radiotherapy treatment planning for intensity-modulated beam delivery. In end-to-end performance testing, where 19 clinical H&N cases were replanned with Predictive Planning guidance, an average 77% reduction in number of plan optimization cycles was achieved. This was while maintaining a statistically equivalent or lower mean dose for all 27 organs at risk considered, and satisfying prescribed dose coverage for all treatment targets.

The key to this advantage is Predictive Planning’s AI-driven predictions of realistically achievable plan optimization objectives, leading to a dramatic reduction in the need for repetitive revision of objectives by trial-and-error. The test results demonstrate the potential for significant time savings in completing a head & neck treatment plan, while maintaining plan quality.

We will be adding Predictive Planning support for head & neck radiotherapy treatment planning to our existing support for prostate planning in a product release later this year.

Connect with us today, or look for us at AAMD, AAPM, and ASTRO this year to learn how Oncospace is using a first-of-kind, cloud-native, AI-powered, data analytics platform to lead the way in optimizing outcomes for radiation oncology.