Oncospace Inc. announces collaboration agreement with University of Washington on radiation therapy planning data modernization and analytics

BALTIMORE, JULY 11, 2023—Oncospace, Inc. today announced the following:

Collaboration Agreement with University of Washington School of Medicine

Oncospace, Inc. has entered into an agreement with the University of Washington School of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology to collaborate on the use of Oncospace’s cloud-native, AI-powered, radiation therapy data modernization and analytics platform.

The goal of the collaboration is to define and validate the features necessary for AI-powered data standardization, curation, analytics and predictive modeling. The project will include an investigation into the potential clinical uses of the platform for the assessment and refinement of treatment planning strategies at point of care.

“Our vision in collaborating with Oncospace is to unlock the institutional knowledge and expert decision making inherent in our treatment planning archives, to create insight that informs how we can continuously improve patient care.”, says Minsun Kim, Ph.D., associate professor of radiation oncology at the UW School of Medicine.

“The long-standing collaborative spirit between the original Oncospace academic project and University of Washington continues with this agreement”, says Todd McNutt Ph.D., founder and Chief Science Officer at Oncospace.  “Our team is thrilled to work with University of Washington and have the opportunity to translate our data-analytics platform capabilities into tools that can be used by clinicians and researchers to optimize outcomes.”

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