Oncospace expands clinical application of Predictive Planning


4 OCTOBER 2022

Oncospace Inc. expands clinical application of their cloud-native radiotherapy planning tools.


Company will highlight new support for head and neck radiotherapy in their leading cloud-native, AI-powered, data analytics platform at the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

BALTIMORE, OCTOBER 4, 2022—Oncospace, Inc. today announced the following:

Introduced Head and Neck support in Predictive Planning

Predictive Planning is an AI-powered, data-driven, application from Oncospace that is used by clinicians to efficiently create and evaluate radiation therapy planning strategies.  At its heart are proprietary domain-informed machine learning models built using the geometric and dosimetric features of thousands of clinically delivered patient treatment plans.  These models provide evidence-based predictions of achievable dose sparing for organs at risk and other non-target structures used during treatment planning.

Radiotherapy planning for head and neck cancer can be complicated.  Critical organs in the region are numerous, sensitive, and close to complex targets being treated with high doses of radiation.  Treatment plans that spare healthy tissue as much as possible, while maintaining the dose prescribed to each target volume, are time consuming to prepare, often involving a repetitive trial-and-error strategy to satisfy clinical goals. Final plan quality depends on the strategy followed and on the expertise of radiation oncologists and medical dosimetrists.

Awarded International Organization for Standardization Certification for Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001-ISMS)

Effectively protecting the hospital network and confidential patient data is a front and center priority of healthcare providers around the world.  As Oncospace is a cloud-native, SaaS delivered, browser-based solution, having in place a rigorous Information Security Management System (ISMS) is essential.

The international standard developed specifically for Information Security Management Systems is ISO 27001.  It requires a company to use a systematic approach to managing sensitive information, conducting threat assessments, and ensuring data security in their products, services, and business operations.

“It is critical to our success that we have achieved ISO 27001 certification because it demonstrates our commitment to a high level of information security”, said, David Murray, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Oncospace, Inc.  “It gives our customers confidence that protection of patient data and the integrity of their network is at the heart of how we operate.”

Oncospace will showcase its cloud-native, AI-powered, data analytics platform for radiation oncology at the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, Sunday, October 23 to Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

The Oncospace Predictive Planning Application for prostate radiotherapy is FDA 510(k) cleared and for sale in the United States only.  The Oncospace Predictive Planning solution for head and neck radiotherapy is 510(k) pending and is currently not for sale.

Learn more at: www.oncospace.com


ABOUT Oncospace, Inc.:  Oncospace attracts and best serves, lean, high-throughput radiation oncology clinics that share a vision of disrupting current radiotherapy planning conventions.  Together, we collaborate on AI-powered, data-driven, automation strategies that optimize outcomes for the patient and the practice.  Our cloud-native, data analytics platform is built with industry leading security and healthcare connectivity that leverages a customer’s existing investments in clinical software applications.  For more information, visit www.oncospace.com and follow us on LinkedIn:



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