Patient Data Conversion

Patient Data Conversion
from Oncospace

Oncospace is proud to offer a robust solution to
migrate legacy Philips Pinnacle™ patient data to DICOM format.

Our solution is designed to enable Pinnacle administrators to:

Mitigate information and network security risk
by eliminating unsupported Pinnacle hardware and software.

Ensure consistent standard of practice and quality of care
for re-treatments by making legacy Pinnacle patient data accessible in DICOM format.

Provide greater value to the practice
with a centralized data source that is available for future use in
analytics or AI/ML model building.

For Oncospace, converting Pinnacle patient archives is a key strategic step in enabling a vision of a cloud native, AI-powered, radiation oncology data and analytics platform.

A first step on this journey is the modernization of legacy radiation therapy patient data archives.  So, to support this, Oncospace is launching our Patient Data Conversion service for patient data from the Philips Pinnacle™ treatment planning system.

A robust, mature solution supporting

  • Pinnacle versions – 4.x to 18.x
  • Native and TAR formats
  • 3D, IMRT, VMAT plan types
  • Pinnacle HW & SW independent
  • Saving to HD/SAN/NAS or
  • Sending to DICOM archive
  • On-demand or entire archive at once

Simple application purpose built for a difficult task

  • Installed on a Windows OS resource
  • Operated by clinical or IT team
  • Use On-Demand – or – on entire archive in one operation
  • In-app support tools